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2015's Best Rated Email to Fax Services:

We have chosen what we believe are the best email to fax providers for clients in each region based on customer reviews, pricing, features and reliability. If you need to pick a provider quickly without spending too much time investigating, these services will not let you down and offer the perfect solution for almost every person's needs.

FAXAGE: Email to FaxNorth America: FAXAGE is considered by many as the market leader in terms of infrastructure, performance and reliability for all internet fax needs -- they even serve as the backend provider for many other internet fax services. FAXAGE bills per-minute, is suited for any user, and their dozens of positive customer reviews are their best reference.

POPFAX Email to FaxEurope: Popfax is an established email to fax service based in France, which offers local numbers in 24 countries and their website is in 18 different languages. Their plans offer unlimited fax reception and a very competitive $0.06USD rate for sent pages. If your business is based in Europe, Popfax is your best local solution! Take the free trial today!

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How to Send a Email to Fax or Fax to Email
Fax to Email - Send Internet Fax

Just want to compare internet fax plans, rates, and providers?

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If you still send and receive faxes the old-fashioned way with a dedicated fax machine and fax phone line, it is probably because you have never heard of terms like internet fax, fax to email (and email to fax), or efaxing. These terms all define the process of sending and receiving faxes over the internet as opposed to using a conventional fax machine and fax phone line.

What you probably don't know either, is that just like email is to regular old snail (postal) mail, fax to email services are much cheaper, take up less of your time, are eco-friendly, and have way more features than the old conventional way of faxing.

The same way email gives you an address and a medium to receive text mail electronically, internet fax allows you to send and receive faxes through over the internet. The difference, however, is that when you use an internet fax you get all the same features you would with a normal fax machine, including a real local or toll-free fax number which acts exactly the same as a fax hooked up to a normal landline would - the fax machine on the other side, whether online or standard, can't tell the difference.

This website is dedicated solely to Email to Fax services and is part of the eBizToolkit small business tools directory. If you own or operate small business, be sure to visit the website to see how many other ways your business can be improved by using online services and tools! eBizToolkit.com

Advantages to using an Internet Fax Service

  • Highly Mobile
    Send and Receive faxes from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. You can even send faxes from your PDA or Smartphone!
  • Cost Efficient
    No need for extra fax hardware, ink/toner, fax paper, fax machine maintenance, or dedicated fax landlines. All you need is the computer that you already have and an email account.
  • Professional and Reliable
    You and your business can get a dedicated local or toll-free fax line that is never busy and can send and receive faxes at the same time.
  • A Step in a Green Direction
    You only print what you really need printed. No more wasted paper from junk faxes and you can easily keep a digital archive of all transmissions you want to save.
    See How Else Internet Fax will Benefit You

The Fax to Email Guide is determined to be your one-stop source for information to help you realize the benefits that sending and receiving faxes by email online will give you as a personal user, small office / home office, or large business. There is an internet faxing plan suitable for any application or budget, and this website is here to help you choose the right one through a variety of information sources.

Comparing Fax to Email Plans

Comparing Fax to Email PlansThe internet fax to email plan comparison chart is a handy first step to choosing a fax plan. You are given a detailed breakdown of each of the internet faxing provider's plans where you can compare prices and setup fees, page or minute allowances, overage fees, available numbers, mailbox storage, and promotions. The chart is by default sorted by the best value for your money, but with one click you can instantly sort by any of the other criteria.

Fax Plan Chart

Fax to Email Detailed Reviews and User Ratings

Internet Fax Provider ReviewsOnce you have found a plan that you think might suit your needs, your next step should be to read about the fax service provider more in-depth. The Fax to Email Guide features unbiased and detailed overviews of each of the providers, giving you a first-hand walkthrough of exactly you can expect the service to be like, including many screenshots so you can also see what is being described.

At the bottom of the review, there is an area for existing and past clients to give a detailed personal review and rating of their experiences with the provider. If you have used one of the providers listed on this website before, please do not hesitate to leave your own feedback as it is invaluable to those that need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Fax Reviews

Internet Faxing Discussion Forums

Internet Fax ForumsOnce you think you are set on a fax to email provider, our internet fax discussion forums is the place to go and get the answers you need before signing up. We have lots of knowledgeable users on the forums, and some fax providers even have staff representation available to answer your questions.

Registration to the eBizToolkit forums is absolutely free, and always will be. You can sign up and log in by using the links at the very top left of all pages.

Fax Forums
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